• Butterfly Flip-top bottles
    Post time: Sep-22-2022

    We call a butterfly – shaped conjoined lid a butterfly lid usually used in the flip-top cap bottle.  Butterfly cap is a special kind of bottle cap, which has its own advantages and characteristics.  First, the butterfly lid is easy to open, labor-saving and convenient.  Second, because it i...Read more »

  • Simplicity is the beauty, a small spray bottle, but also a good effect!
    Post time: Aug-08-2022

    Whether it is to water the flowers to remove grease or disinfection of the epidemic, is it necessary to install a can be used to spray the container? But most of these products are not designed to last, for example: avoid the light? Is the spray delicate enough? Big Hand or small hand feel comfor...Read more »

  •  Features of the cosmetic case
    Post time: Jul-11-2022

    Cosmetics are a commodity that every woman uses. Of course, it consumes relatively quickly. In the entire FMCG industry, cosmetic packaging is specifically designed. Cosmetic packaging has two meanings: one is to protect cosmetics, the other is to promote cosmetics. What are the characteristics o...Read more »

  • Why the moisturizing spray on the market are aluminum packaging bottles?
    Post time: Jul-06-2022

    The use of aluminum spray bottles is determined by the characteristics of the bottle. There are roughly some points here. 1.Aluminum spray bottles of better patience, we know that the general content of the spray is made up of material and gas, which requires the bottle to be very good sealing, a...Read more »

  • The moisture-proof lock for kitchen ingredients is just one multi-functional storage containers.
    Post time: Jun-29-2022

    We love life, there are always endless snacks or food ingredients, especially some dry goods, nuts, grains, noodles, etc. , need moisture-proof storage to ensure that the kitchen in good order, storage became a priority in the kitchen. I will introduce some kitchen storage jars to meet all the ne...Read more »

  • Share my housekeeping tips and say goodbye to kitchen clutter
    Post time: Jun-20-2022

    In daily life, there are many ingredients need sealed storage, such as grains, tea, nuts need classified sealed storage, or it is easy to deterioration. I recently planted a set of hermetically plastic sealed cans, there are different sizes can store a variety of ingredients, the instant feeling ...Read more »

  • Sanitizer is our weapon, sanitizer level by our good guard!
    Post time: Jun-13-2022

    The epidemic is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility, in this war without smoke, there are a group of the most lovely people, they are not medical personnel, but through the most simple and courageous action, to ensure the safety of medical treatment and working environment. As...Read more »

  • You actually have fruit in a juice bottle? High-looking classic juice packaging to share
    Post time: Jun-09-2022

    “WYSIWYG” can always bring a sense of security, in the selection of a product, we often want to know before the purchase of it in the end what kind of, but the transparent packaging is often a bit monotonous. In this issue, we will bring you four WYSIWYG JUICE packaging products! As if the fruit ...Read more »

  • Plastic face cream jar
    Post time: Jun-01-2022

    It’s autumn and winter again, temperatures are dropping, and our skin is already sensitive to climate change: the oil is starting to dry, the dry skin is getting drier, as soon as the wind blows, it’s skin-peeling season.   A skin lotion is a cosmetic intended to maintain a moder...Read more »

  • What are the advantages of easy open pull-ring food cans?
    Post time: May-23-2022

      Easy open pull-ring cans, that is, the sealing is made of metal or aluminum foil, and has an easy-to-pull ring or a hand-tear part. Paper cans are a type of paper cans. Therefore, paper cans are also made of paper as the main raw material, which is safe and environmentally friendly, and ca...Read more »

  • PE portable foam bottle.delicate foam care skin
    Post time: May-16-2022

    Facial cleanser belongs to Facial Cleanser. When washing the skin, the object of cleansing milk is the dirt produced from the body, such as sebum, sweat, exfoliated cuticle cells, etc. , secreted by the skin of the human face, as well as dust, a variety of microorganisms, cosmetic residue from ex...Read more »

  • Current technical situation and market prospect of food cans with easy open lid
    Post time: May-10-2022

    Canned food nutrition, safety, convenience, should be the most convenient food. But as tin cans have been fully capped in the past few decades, glass cans were chosen from Suzhou-style’s success bottles, spreading the message that “the can tastes good and the mouth is hard to openR...Read more »

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