Our company is located in Xingtai .hebei province which is professional plastic packaging supplier of China.Our company was established in 2013 and engaged in doing plastic packaging international trade for a long time which contains food .cosmetic.medical.chemicals and other industries packaging.
We use original materials PET.PP.PE.ABS.PS.PETG and other materials to produce bottles.

Our main products are plastic food jar.plastic sprayer bottle.cosmetic bottles.hand sanitizer bottles.shampoo bottles.flip-top bottles.trigger sprayer.lotion pump.mist sprayer.bottle caps and other bottles.Our products are exported to USA .Europe .Asia.Africa and other countries.

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    Butterfly Flip-top bottles

    We call a butterfly – shaped conjoined lid a butterfly lid usually used in the flip-top cap bottle.  Butterfly cap is a special kind of bottle cap, which has its own advantages and characteristics.  First, the butterfly lid is easy to open, labor-saving and convenient.  Second, because it i...

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    Simplicity is the beauty, a small spray bottle, but also a good effect!

    Whether it is to water the flowers to remove grease or disinfection of the epidemic, is it necessary to install a can be used to spray the container? But most of these products are not designed to last, for example: avoid the light? Is the spray delicate enough? Big Hand or small hand feel comfor...

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     Features of the cosmetic case

    Cosmetics are a commodity that every woman uses. Of course, it consumes relatively quickly. In the entire FMCG industry, cosmetic packaging is specifically designed. Cosmetic packaging has two meanings: one is to protect cosmetics, the other is to promote cosmetics. What are the characteristics o...